2nd hand clothing is for people with style!

Okay – I hope you have gotten over the devastating defeat of Norway loosing against Hungary on home ground (hashtag #soccer #ewc)

(Yeah, not very surprising)

And now I want to say this:

Style is important. I’m not saying I am a fashion guru or that I always wear fashionable clothing’s. But I shop second hand because I already have a basic wardrobe that I am comfortable with.

For the once of you that don’t.

Go and buy some #fucking new clothing!

Seriously, I don’t care where you get your style from – but have one. If that means buying your cloths from H&M (that actually have a reusable and green policy) – that is totally okay!

What I don’t think is okay is to not have a style. WHATEVER YOU DO, don’t NOT care about your style! Because this show who you are to others. Whether you’re a guy or a women.

Style up, or “Suit up” as Barney Stinson in How I met you mother is saying, or do whatever works for you.

P.S Seriously speaking.


Autumn accessory at the local market

Høsten er her! Denne deilige årstid 🙂

Det er megaenkelt å finne brukte flotte, trendy tilbehør til høstens kalde dager.

Velkommen høst! ( 😛 ) Her får du tre av mine favorittilbehør til denne høsten.

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