On the job interview

The dress code in the business world is pretty conservative. I think it has to do with what signal we want to send. This is often “seriousness, professionalism and confidence”. We also don’t want the clothings to take away the focus on the meeting or on what we are trying to say (to a client/customer/potential manager). That’s why we keep the visual look in safe colours and within the business-style.

And frankly, this makes the business-style – both for men and women, a bit boring!

I think this style is really sexy but not EVERY day. I say: have at least one day a week where you ad some colours to your style.

Here I want to present some other alternatives for you, that still says “seriousness, professionalism and confidence”. 

It’s time to dress up for working life!

Women first: 🙂


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Clothings stand out with the use of colours – and when done in a sofisticated way – it shows that you are something else but boring.

Black & whites are actually great when combined with other colours, it’s just the combination of them together that can be a bit zzzzzzzz (*yawn*) in the long run (but great for one evening!). Then you also have the colours beige, gray, navy blue and so on, and sometimes, they are super sexy and you feel the need to tone youself down – to be a little “boring”. But why don’t  you vary a little? Use one or two days a week to give yourself the liberty to combine your white shirt with something S P A R K L I N G.

And do you know where you find sparkling, different, colourful clothings? Yeah, you can get it new bought as well, but the answer here is: in second hand stores!

Time for a personal example…:-)

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A “touch” of red

Pants from Trigger Secondhand & Vintage in Arendal (my birthtown)
Here is from when I bought them earlier today


I’m going out for some vine drinking right next door tonight – and this is what I’m wearing!

That’s my “costume” tonight. 🙂 Do you like it?

Have a great Saturday evening and weekend people!

P.S: Today I published these two pictures in my Instagram account

IMG_20151031_110846 IMG_20151031_135253

Something Finnish or finished?

Who would have thought that a dress from Finland would end up in my belongings after a day of random strolling around in the streets of Oslo? On the other hand, who would have thought that my personal relationship – coincident feels symbolic – would finish this week?

I found this awesome Finnish dress. But I think it means that my relationship is finished… Here in the fitting room at UFF Second Hand in Oslo

I wasn’t planning for either: to go shopping for second hand this week or to get serious relationship problems. Turns out, I got something Finnish at the same time as something finished.

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