Something Finnish or finished?

Who would have thought that a dress from Finland would end up in my belongings after a day of random strolling around in the streets of Oslo? On the other hand, who would have thought that my personal relationship – coincident feels symbolic – would finish this week?

I found this awesome Finnish dress. But I think it means that my relationship is finished… Here in the fitting room at UFF Second Hand in Oslo

I wasn’t planning for either: to go shopping for second hand this week or to get serious relationship problems. Turns out, I got something Finnish at the same time as something finished.

About the Finnish dress – it just happend. 30 minutes extra time before a meeting, I was planning on using the time with buying of coffee at Kaffebrenneriet but as I was about to cross the street, I saw the second hand-store that I perfectly well know is on that corner. Like a magnet I was draged through the door with the thought: “I’ll have a look”.

And suddenly among all the other clothings and colours and knittings: There it was!

IMG_0057 IMG_0062 IMG_0063   DSC_0168

It came home with me straigth away, as a matter of fact – I took it ON right away, that’s how much I liked it. Such a behaviour is certainly not my regular style. The only thing I know is that I was glowing in that meeting 😉

What I’m wearing:
Pupetta dress (made in Finland)
Bought: UFF Oslo
Tip: I got a discount because I bought three items.

My new motto when it comes to the fashion side of my life: go colourful. (I don’t know, perhaps it can be adapted in to the love life too…)

On the love side: I guess new beginings means leaving something behind. And when you get something, you loose something else. I just didn’t intend for this to happend. I always thought that with new beginings it is also possible to keep the old. And that you don’t have to loose something even if you get something new.  Of course, that’s naive.

Heard at work (related joke):
Boss: Are you finish(ed)?
Employee: Me? No, I’m Danish   😉


I am not danish but this is actually taken from real life: I used to work together with my danish boyfriend in Germany and the Germans say the English word “finished” in a way that makes it sound like they say “Finnish”. When thinking of this situation, it makes me smile because I always found it hillarious when he answerd his boss like this. That’s what he is like: a guy with a warm heart and a charming joke or comment in every other sentence. I think this is why I, and people in general, like him so much. At least, I want to finish something with a good memory of that person.

Perhaps a renaming of this blog should happen again. But then I certantly need some sugestions from you. “Passion Swap & ….what? Single? Swingers? (Eh, NO!)

P.S: Saturday is Halloween, so if you plan to spend the day in a costume (second hand), then let me know or send me some pictures. It’ll cheer me up, cause I’m not in the mood for dressing up myself.


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