2nd hand clothing is for people with style!

Okay – I hope you have gotten over the devastating defeat of Norway loosing against Hungary on home ground (hashtag #soccer #ewc)

(Yeah, not very surprising)

And now I want to say this:

Style is important. I’m not saying I am a fashion guru or that I always wear fashionable clothing’s. But I shop second hand because I already have a basic wardrobe that I am comfortable with.

For the once of you that don’t.

Go and buy some #fucking new clothing!

Seriously, I don’t care where you get your style from – but have one. If that means buying your cloths from H&M (that actually have a reusable and green policy) – that is totally okay!

What I don’t think is okay is to not have a style. WHATEVER YOU DO, don’t NOT care about your style! Because this show who you are to others. Whether you’re a guy or a women.

Style up, or “Suit up” as Barney Stinson in How I met you mother is saying, or do whatever works for you.

P.S Seriously speaking.

Old and used (knit jacket)

Nå begynner det for alvor å bli kaldt ute! Da er det alltid godt med en god og varm strikkejakke å “slenge over”.

Det beste med å handle brukt synes jeg er kreativiteten jeg selv kan ta i bruk for å få klærne til å våkne til liv igjen. En utfordrende måte å se bra ut på. Og så er det selvsagt skattejaktelementet da.


Vips! Antrekket er passende til en høstdag. Derfor kan jeg nesten ikke få sagt hvor mye jeg ELSKER denne strikkejakken! Ervervet via bytting på en av Swapshops eventer. Faktisk var den noe av det første jeg noen gang fikk byttet til meg.

Det er derfor ikke første gangen den er blitt tatt i bruk: Photo shoot med byttemarked-klær

Skjorta er også en favoritt, men den ble kjøpt ny en gang “for lenge siden”. Merke: Vila.

P.S: Har du noen plagg du føler deg ekstra fin/vel i?

On the job interview

The dress code in the business world is pretty conservative. I think it has to do with what signal we want to send. This is often “seriousness, professionalism and confidence”. We also don’t want the clothings to take away the focus on the meeting or on what we are trying to say (to a client/customer/potential manager). That’s why we keep the visual look in safe colours and within the business-style.

And frankly, this makes the business-style – both for men and women, a bit boring!

I think this style is really sexy but not EVERY day. I say: have at least one day a week where you ad some colours to your style.

Here I want to present some other alternatives for you, that still says “seriousness, professionalism and confidence”. 

It’s time to dress up for working life!

Women first: 🙂


Women's Business Fashion Trends 2015 (19) copy 72409909e2dadbee095eb98fe5f67af6 copy winter-skirts-fashion-pencil-fit copy work-fashion-inspiration copyfloral-suit copy FloralDandy3 copy


j-crew-solid-tweed-sport-coat-11 copyblazer-long-sleeve-shirt-chinos-pocket-square-belt-large-241 copy2015-England-Style-Men-Dress-Suit-Solid-Color-Wedding-Blazer-Size-M-3XL-Slim-Fit-Man copystreet-style-green-suit-L-iTXWrrpic_1637_1342765870 copy

Clothings stand out with the use of colours – and when done in a sofisticated way – it shows that you are something else but boring.

Black & whites are actually great when combined with other colours, it’s just the combination of them together that can be a bit zzzzzzzz (*yawn*) in the long run (but great for one evening!). Then you also have the colours beige, gray, navy blue and so on, and sometimes, they are super sexy and you feel the need to tone youself down – to be a little “boring”. But why don’t  you vary a little? Use one or two days a week to give yourself the liberty to combine your white shirt with something S P A R K L I N G.

And do you know where you find sparkling, different, colourful clothings? Yeah, you can get it new bought as well, but the answer here is: in second hand stores!

Time for a personal example…:-)

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Record many on swap party

The reason why I started this blog in the first place has to do with me founding Swapshop – a mobile clothes swap-shop. We had our first event in the spring of 2014, and since then it has opened my eyes up for 2nd hand clothing and swap events.

That’s why I am really happy to see headlines like this in the Norwegian press:

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 6.08.44 PM
The Norwegian student paper “Studvest” in Bergen wrote about an exchange event arranged by FIVH Bergen and Study Bergen with the headline: “Record many on swap party”.

More than hundred people defied the rain and were eager to find new treasures at the event, the student paper reports.

– I’ve tended to give away clothes to charity shops, but then it often ends up with me buying new clothes for myself. Then I’d rather switch away what I have here. Students also have a limited economy, so for us this is a good opportunity to get new things without having to buy anything, says Economics student, Eva Vinjevoll in the article.

As a former FIVH’er and swap enthusiast, it is very positive for me to read this. It just shows that people get more and more used to the idea of sharing. We don’t need new things, but we need a renewal – it’s a difference.

Something Finnish or finished?

Who would have thought that a dress from Finland would end up in my belongings after a day of random strolling around in the streets of Oslo? On the other hand, who would have thought that my personal relationship – coincident feels symbolic – would finish this week?

I found this awesome Finnish dress. But I think it means that my relationship is finished… Here in the fitting room at UFF Second Hand in Oslo

I wasn’t planning for either: to go shopping for second hand this week or to get serious relationship problems. Turns out, I got something Finnish at the same time as something finished.

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Kids on the blog!

Improvement in process! P.S: Passion Swap update: This dress I got 2nd hand today. More in the next update!
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Right now I am sitting here at Kulturhuset in Oslo together with my friend Tina. (Check out her blog here) She had some really good ideas on how my blog can be even better.

That means:

  • New title: P.S: Passion Swap Passion for #klesbytte fashion
  • Better titles in general 🙂
  • And: A consistent language. BUT, which one, English or my native Norwegian??? Please help me by answering the poll in my new Facebook-page

Do you have any other suggestions for improvement? Tip me!

P.S: Today I have been shopping! (Blog post coming, so exited!)